Live in Integrity

Are you committed to living in your integrity?

Living with integrity means that you become your own biggest role model.

Integrity is about having a strong set of principles, values and ideals for how you want to you live your life, and then committing to holding yourself accountable for these. Integrity is when the things you say and the things you do are in alignment – even when nobody is watching.

Find your backbone

Are you constantly pleasing others because you are afraid of disappointing them, or that they might disapprove? Are you regularly selling out to please others?

So many of us struggle with the idea of doing what’s expected of us, rather than going with what we really feel. We feel pressured into being nice all the time. But the problem with this is that we aren’t always honouring our own truth,┬ánor are we being kind to ourselves. Often the thought of how others might respond is merely an illusion that’s keeping us from living a fully empowered life.

Find your backbone. Be true to yourself first and reclaim your personal integrity, no matter how scary it may be. Have the courage to honour and express your truth first, in a loving and kind way.

Learn the creative NO

Often the reason we feel that we are losing control of our life, or feel as though we’re not living in our own integrity, is because we struggle to set boundaries. We become uncomfortable setting limits and often feel frustrated or resentment because we have allowed ourselves to be pushed beyond our limits. To life in integrity, you need to become the true authority for your own life by being clear and responsible in establishing boundaries.

Give up the idea that it is always kinder to say yes. If you are constantly saying yes, it will eventually backfire. There are times when the creative NO will serves best, even if it is difficult to do because you don’t want to disappoint others, or because you feel you need to always please others.

Recognise what your limits are and then communicate them in the most loving but consistent way. If being unpopular means that you are maintaining your integrity, then that’s okay. Take back your power and honour your soul’s sovereignty.

It won’t be easy to say NO at first, it will take practice. Just remember to keep asking yourself how saying NO serves you presently, and how it helps you be true to your own integrity, and then do it with loving kindness.

Take care of yourself first

I’m not talking about becoming a selfish person, what I’m referring to is more about self-nurturing, giving yourself the strength and fuel to be the best version of yourself. When you are looking after your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs you are more likely to find a healthy balance between giving and receiving.

Self-care is critical in advancing┬áin your own life. So while you are nurturing others, remember to turn your attention inward to what needs to be cherished and cultivated in yourself. If things constantly feel that they aren’t going well in your life, perhaps you need to consider whether you might be neglecting yourself a bit too much?

Become your own biggest role model first by having a strong set of principles, values and ideals for how you want to you live your life, and then commit to holding yourself accountable for these.

Commitment to yourself is the foundation of greater accomplishments. Become committed to living in your integrity.

Living with integrity means not settling for less than what you know you deserve, speaking your truth, behaving in ways that are in harmony with your personal values and making choices based on what you believe, and not what others believe. ~ Barbara De Angelis

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